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Welcome to

NuGOwiki is an operational wiki of NuGO, the European Nutrigenomics Organisation. NuGOwiki currently houses two projects for the NuGO Network:

Nutritional Metabolomics Database

The Nutritional Metabolomics Database is a global open-source library of small molecules for use in human nutrition metabolomics, as part of the NuGO Metabolomics Initiative. It is in its startup phase, with a limited number of trial pages operational. The next milestone will be the automated generation of some 2000 metabolite pages produced from information provided by the human metabolome database.

What's a wiki?

If you're new to wikis, you may like to visit our help section for a guide to using this open source software tool. You will always find the link on the main navigation menu on the left hand side of the page. In a nutshell, a wiki is a set of webpages where anybody with permission can edit the pages as they read them. There are no restrictions on access to NuGOwiki.

Wikis have huge potential for modern science, where open source features allow documents and databases to be created, edited and used by the global scientific community. The best known wiki, Wikipedia, is an open source wiki encyclopedia. This was recently the subject of a study in Nature where the verdict was that wikipedia was a highly dependable source of scientific material. A sister project is devoted to textbooks and another hosts a wiki university. Wikis operate on the basis of community, trust and responsibility and have self-defence mechanisms for misuse or abuse.
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