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Every page has a link labelled "What links here" also called backlink in the toolbox on the left hand side of the page.



Not listed are subpages that just have an automatic link to a page.


The backlinks feature shows which backlinks are redirects.

The backlinks of the redirect are also shown, and if they include a redirect, the backlinks of that also (not more).

This makes it a useful tool for finding double redirects, which do not work, and, except in special applications (see below) can better be replaced by redirects to the final target.

Cases of transclusion

Whether there is a link from A to C is relevant for backlinks as well as Related changes. If C does not exist, only backlinks are applicable.

  • in the case of a template, referral to it is listed with the text "(inclusion)"
  • a link from A to C counts as such even if the link is not explicit in the wikitext of A, but due to the inclusion of template B, which links to C
  • if template B calls a template that depends on a variable or parameter, then:
    • the question whether A links to C depends on the value of the variable on page A, or the parameter with which A calls B
    • the question whether B links to C depends on the value of the variable on page B; in the case of a parameter, considered from page B, the page does not call a valid template name (it calls one with a name with braces), so B does not link to any valid C

Thus a link from A to C may be due to the inclusion of template B, even when B, considered by itself, does not link to C. Thus, to find out what templates cause pages to link to C, it is not sufficient to check for templates in the backlinks of C; some templates can only be found by checking what templates are used in the backlink pages.

Other uses

The backlinks facility works also for a page that does not exist. The What links here button is also on the edit page on which one arrives when following a broken link.


When the link tables in the database are rebuilt, the lists are alphabetically ordered. However, adding a link subsequently causes it to be added to the end, and thus these occur in chronological order.

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